Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring a dog?

No! Absolutely no dogs allowed, sorry.

Even if we’re camping?

Yes, the no dogs rule applies to campers, too.

Can we have glass?

No, please don’t bring glass. This is a barefoot place and broken glass is dangerous.

Can we bring kids?

Yes, absolutely! Ferguson’s pond is a fun place for kids and we want to enjoy this celebration with our whole family.

Can we swim in the pond?

Yes! The pond is a beautiful spring-fed swimming hole where everyone is welcome to swim. Once the ceremony is over you’ll be free to hop right in! Parents are responsible for their children if they go swimming.

Any tips for campers?

Bring bug spray and be prepared for cool evenings. Also bring a flashlight, it gets really dark out there!

Will there be showers available for campers?

There will be showers available on Saturday morning in St. Albans. There is no soap allowed in the pond.

Are Lauren and Nick registered anywhere?

Yes! Lauren and Nick are registered at REI and

Since this is a destination wedding for us (and for many of you!) we'd greatly appreciate it if you sent gifts to Seattle, rather than bringing them to Vermont.

What is the suggested dress code for the wedding?

The suggested dress code is Beach Formal. Here are some examples:
Beach Formal Men Beach Formal Men
Beach Formal Women